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General Information

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During Traditional School Days...

The Martin Library Media Center operates on a flexible schedule.

This allows students to visit in any of the following ways:


Before School: 

  • The Media Center Morning Program is open from 7:00-7:25am
  • We offer a quiet place before school for students to read and do homework
  • There is a weekly sign-up for up to 60 students
  • The Computer Lab 2015 is also available before school for students who need to print or do online research

During School:

  • Students may come individually with passes from teachers
  • Students visit with classes for circulation or research

After School:

  • Until 2:30pm Monday-Friday
  • Speak with Ms. Carr ahead of time if you need to stay later


Internet Use:

Technology access is given to all students once a parent signs the WCPSS Consent for Technology and Digital Resource Use form.  This form remains valid for each student through their grade K-12 experience. To enhance student Internet use, the Media Center maintains an Online Resources page which is available on computers throughout Martin and from home via the Martin website.  Students may pick up a bookmark in the Media Center with passwords for home access to our subscription databases.



Ms. Carr: Library Media Specialist 




Wordle of ALA's Library Bill of Rights

Wordle: ALA Library Bill of Rights



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